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We provide you with clear and sustainable strategies to improve equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) for your people and customers

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We work with organisations to develop robust business strategies for equality, diversity and inclusion.

Our EDI practitioners and business development specialists will guide you to create a more diverse, equitable and inclusive organisation using a range of evidence based methods designed to transform your recruitment, retention, learning and development strategies, financial performance, and organisational culture.

Whether you are just getting started in EDI, or would like to build on existing practice, we will provide you with a range of personalised solutions to meet the needs of your diverse employees and customers to ensure that everyone feels respected, valued and included.

The Inclusion Exchange Video Podcast:

"Creating a culture of accountability"

Fri, 30 September 2022 12-1PM BST



For the second edition of The Inclusion Exchange Video Podcast, we’ll be offering a Special Edition to mark National Inclusion Week #thepowerofnow.

We will be championing the NIW Daily Action: The Power of Knowledge: Take ownership of your learning which encourages everyone to act, to understand the role
they have to play in creating more inclusive cultures, both in the workplace and outside

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Ayo Barley

Lead Consultant and Managing Director

Ayo is an EDI Practitioner with 18 years of experience, and has an academic background in Social Policy. She has worked with people who are underrepresented in community and corporate settings including in science and engineering, health, the voluntary sector, higher education, and social care services.

Ayo has complementary skills in business development which includes improving financial performance through robust business strategies and income generation, and approaches EDI from a business performance, social justice, and compliance lens.

Ayo provides organisations with an impartial personalised service based on your unique history and starting point on the EDI journey.


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I have worked directly with Ayo from Bakare Barley on a key project over the last year. Ayo has a wealth of knowledge and has effectively supported us as an independent EDI expert. I would highly recommend Bakare Barley.

Hetal Mainwaring, Head of People, Nugent 
(January 2022)

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The Inclusion Exchange Video Podcast:

"Black History and Black Futures, an exploration of an unequal history and the struggles that still exist"

19th October 2022 12:00 - 1PM GMT



For our third Inclusion Exchange, we’ll be marking Black History Month by discussing how the past influences the present inequities facing Black people and people from racially minoritized backgrounds, and what organisations should do to 'level up' the playing field, by being informed of the history of race and racism in the UK.