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The Inclusion Exchange Video Podcast is for people who are curious about how to make improvements, and wish to catalyse progress through learning and self-reflection. Read more and sign up free.


Supporting you to build an evidence based and sustainable strategy to advance equality, diversity and inclusion in your organisation. Read more about strategy development.


Our person centred approach draws on real life case studies and encourages the sharing of stories and experiences by participants. Find out about our training packages.

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Find out about our recent training, strategy and development projects, and their impact.


Read our EDI blogs and latest news articles.

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Meet The Founder

Ayo Barley

Lead Consultant and Managing Director

Ayo is an EDI Practitioner with 18 years of experience, and has an academic background in Social Policy. She has worked with people who are underrepresented in community and corporate settings including in science and engineering, health, the voluntary sector, higher education, and social care services.

Ayo has complementary skills in business development which includes improving financial performance through robust business strategies and income generation, and approaches EDI from a business performance, social justice, and compliance lens.

Ayo provides organisations with an impartial personalised service based on your unique history and starting point on the EDI journey.

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