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Inclusion Specialists

Our Story

Ayo set up the business in 2021 after almost two decades of working in equality, diversity and inclusion. The idea came from an awakening in society of structural barriers facing minoritized groups, and the need to provide support for organisations to take trusted and sensitive approaches to improve the experiences and outcomes for their staff, service users and customers. 

Specialist in EDI and business development

Ayo has worked in race equality and gender equality organisations since the early 2000s when she started her career at Race Equality West Midlands (REWM) founded by Dr Frank Reeves. 

She went on to working in a number of grass roots community organisations, and government funded initiatives supporting women in STEM careers, refugee, asylum seeker and migrant communities, and young people at risk of anti-social behaviour.

Alongside a successful career in Business Development within Higher Education, between 2011-2019 she also led the charity New Leaders Network, providing training and development for underserved community groups. 


In 2021 Ayo was approached by members of her network to provide bespoke EDI interventions following the impacts of COVID19 and the Black Lives Matter movement. She registered Bakare Barley Ltd as the go to person-centred consultancy service to provide positive, evidence-based and sustainable EDI business solutions.  

Meet The Team

Ayo Barley

Ayo Barley (she/her)

Lead Consultant and Managing Director

Ayo is an EDI Practitioner with 18 years of experience, and has an academic background in Social Policy. She has worked with people who are underrepresented in community and corporate settings including in science and engineering, health, the voluntary sector, higher education, and social care services.

Ayo has complementary skills in business development which includes improving financial performance through robust business strategies and income generation, and approaches EDI from a business performance, social justice, and compliance lens.

Ayo provides organisations with an impartial personalised service based on your unique history and starting point on the EDI journey.

Her positive mindset and advanced people skills will provide you with the reassurance you need to be bold, uncover hidden voices and ultimately create a workplace where talent is attracted and retained, and everyone is valued, respected and included.

Ayo is an Independent Advisor to Citizens Advice on equalities issues, Chair of the Yorkshire Consortium for Equity in Postdoctoral Education (YCEDE) External Advisory Board,  and co-founded the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic staff network.

Meet The Team

Associates Network

We are delighted to work in partnership with a network of UK based associates that specialise in equity, diversity and inclusion. All associates are endorsed by Bakare Barley Ltd and are experienced in providing training and consultancy services in a range of sectors and settings including the NHS, Higher Education, local government, the voluntary sector, and the private sector. We draw on our wider team of reputable associates for support with delivery whenever it is beneficial, and according to our clients needs.

Want strategies to improve equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI)  ?
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