Case Studies

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Bakare Barley Ltd was commissioned by Nugent to provide constructive feedback on the content of their developing EDI strategy and to undertake a consultation gaining feedback from staff, volunteers members of the public and beneficiaries, and to provide findings and recommendations to the Nugent Trustee Board.

Bakare Barley Ltd was commissioned by Bliss to explore how the charity could improve its reach and empower all families, parents and carers of babies born premature or sick to be more confident in their roles, better informed about neonatal care, better connected to the people and services they need, & more involved in caring for their baby.

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Making an Impact 2022 provided development opportunities for researchers across the University of Liverpool and University of Manchester and involved a rich programme developed around the Making an Impact Framework which includes themes consistent with the topics covered by the Good Business Festival.

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Bakare Barley was commissioned by Nugent to develop a programme of listening sessions in response to the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020. Following an Anti-racism statement and pledge from the CEO, the organisation became committed to the amplification of Black or Asian or Ethnic Minority (BAME) voices within the workforce and Bakare Barley designed a series of listening sessions.