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Inclusion Specialists

Why Choose Us

We pride ourselves in bringing you EDI consultancy services which are flexible, personalised, and based on your needs and budget. 

We will work in partnership with you to strengthen your organisation by improving EDI capability across your leadership and teams.

We are highly experienced EDI Practitioners, with knowledge spanning a range of sectors, and protected characteristics.

We have a strong understanding of EDI legal compliance issues, and can develop an action plan to reduce risk and improve performance in relation to issues such as unlawful discrimination and advancing equality of opportunity.

We help you create visible progress by applying business development strategies to EDI, ensuring our wraparound service is tailored to your unique case for EDI, incorporates the experiences of under-represented groups, and can be tracked and monitored like any other business function.


Our approach

We understand that all organisations have their own unique history and different starting points in relation to their journey towards improving equality, diversity and inclusion.

​Wherever you are on your journey, we can help you to establish the next steps and most beneficial options for your people and customers depending on their unique needs and experiences.


Our personalised, impartial and solutions focused approach offers a full wraparound service to establish the most impactful strategies based on your needs and resources.

Services : Services

How We Can Help

Our Services

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EDI Audits

EDI Audits and Diagnostics

Establishing your starting point

We will help you increase your understanding of your diversity profile by using your people and customer data to establish trends and areas for development.


The EDI audit, undertaken by our specialist EDI Practitioner will provide you with the information you need to identify your key priorities and the steps you need to take to develop and transform.


The audit will combine qualitative and qualitative research and recommendations.

Employee Resource

Employee Resource Groups

Tap into the power of staff networks to build an inclusive culture.

Drawing from a wealth of best practice and practical experience gleaned across a range of sectors, we can support you to recruit leaders and members, developing mission, vision and terms of reference, establishing governance structures and ensuring your ERGs have the right ingredients to thrive and work collaboratively and positively with your HR team.

Training And Workshop

Training and Workshop Facilitation

Creating brave spaces to learn

We have over a decade of experience in developing and delivering bespoke training sessions to employees, community groups, volunteers and leaders.

Our person centred, impartial, solutions focused approach draws on real life case studies and encourages the sharing of stories and experiences by participants.

Participants will learn strategies to improve workplace culture by covering subjects such as unconscious bias, anti-racism, privilege, inclusive leadership and how to respond to microaggressions. 

As a result, your staff will respond more effectively to their responsibilities around EDI by deepening their knowledge of the real life impact of discrimination and exclusion on colleagues, service users and customers. We offer remote and face to face sessions for individuals and groups.

Want strategies to improve equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI)  ?
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