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Bakare Barley, a pioneering new firm that advocates for equality is set to make its debut in Liverpool

June 27, 2022, Liverpool, England –

“It’s time to transform.” Bakare Barley Ltd., a groundbreaking new organisation, will make its debut on the Inclusion Exchange video podcast on July 21, 2022. The newly established agency, led and developed by Ayo Barley, who is also a participant of the Liverpool John Moore University Leaders Reciprocal Mentoring programme 2022, will champion equality in workplaces in Liverpool, the UK, and beyond. The new SME, which received support from The Women’s Organisation Enterprise Hub, intends to collaborate with charities, businesses, and education providers to make Liverpool a better place for all while honoring Liverpool's history and acknowledging new opportunities for growth.

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Bakare Barley will hold a free event featuring a well-known speaker to get things started. The keynote speaker for the inaugural Inclusion Exchange episode will be Joseph Harker of the Guardian Newspaper. Harker is the senior Diversity and Development Editor at The Guardian. He was a driving force behind the Guardian's editorial diversity and inclusion strategy, as well as the Positive Action scheme, which provides financial assistance to aspiring and diverse new journalists. He was also a former editor and publisher of The Black Briton, a weekly newspaper. Bakare Barley is honored to welcome Harker to this pivotal kick-off of session and encourages everyone to register for the free event with this amazing speaker.









Joseph Harker, Senior Diversity and Development Editor at The Guardian

Barley said "I have been blown away by the amount of support for Bakare Barley and have been impressed by the level of interest from organisations that want to understand how to make their workplaces fairer and more inclusive for everyone. I hope that the launch of the business this July helps to keep momentum up on the need to tackle discrimination in all its forms and to promote equality proactively and boldly. It's something that so many people find hard to discuss, but that affects us all."

According to Barley, “the idea came from an awakening in society of structural barriers facing underrepresented groups, and the need to provide support for organisations to take trusted and sensitive approaches to create visible change to their cultures and recruitment strategies.”

Recent statistics show, the United Kingdom ranks 23rd on the global gender gap index in 2021, trailing other European countries such as France, Germany, and Ireland. The gap is not just detrimental to individuals, it leads to talent loss in entire sectors and increasingly has reputational impacts. Additionally, only one in ten people in the workforce are from an ethnic minority background, compared to one in eight of the working-age population, and only 6% of top management positions are held by people from ethnic minority backgrounds. Furthermore, people with a disability are significantly less likely than non-disabled people to be employed as managers, directors, or senior officials, or in professional occupations. Urgent work needs to be done to tackle discrimination faced by individuals, and to improve and modernise systems and processes to remove bias and inequalities.

Bakare Barley works with businesses to create sustainable strategies for equality, diversity, and inclusion. Their EDI practitioners and business development specialists will help clients create a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive organisation by implementing a variety of evidence-based methods to transform recruitment, retention, learning and development strategies, financial performance, and organisational culture.

Barley is excited about the launch of Bakare Barley and eager to assist in the transformation. Whether a company is just getting started with EDI or wants to expand on existing practices, the firm will offer a variety of personalised solutions to meet the needs of their diverse employees and customers, ensuring that everyone feels respected, valued, and included.

About Bakare Barley: Following the effects of COVID19 and the Black Lives Matter movement, Ayo Barley was approached by members of her network in 2021 to provide bespoke EDI (Equity Diversity Inclusion) interventions. Bakare Barley Ltd was established as the go-to person-centered consultancy service for positive, evidence-based, and long-term EDI business solutions. Based in Liverpool, Barley and team are committed to “Advancing Equity Supporting People.”

CONTACT: To learn more about Bakare Barley and Ayo Barley, upcoming Inclusion Exchange events, or to arrange an interview for an article, please contact us.


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