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An effective approach to EDI Strategy Development in Social Care

Bakare Barley Ltd was commissioned to provide constructive feedback on the content of an EDI strategy and to undertake a consultation gaining feedback from staff, volunteers, service users and members of the public,, and to provide findings and recommendations..

Focusing on what matters to staff and service users

The organisation understood that in order to provide outstanding and dignified services to their diverse service users, they must have a strong commitment to ensuring they are understood, valued and respected regardless of their background.

Their EDI Strategy envisions that everyone including Trustees, Executive Leadership, Senior Leadership, Managers, Team Leaders and staff groups would take direct responsibility for its implementation, recognising that promoting EDI is both an individual and collective responsibility and directly underpins their values and vision.

The framework encompasses delivery of their internal workforce plans and their external policy work that impacts on their staff and service users..

What we did

Bakare Barley was commissioned to conduct an independent consultation to draw out perspectives of key internal and external stakeholders to advance EDI. An Equality Impact Assessment was undertaken on the approach to ensure that all groups would have equitable access to participate and share their views.

Bakare Barley examined data and key policy documents, and conducted an organisation wide survey and invited staff to take part in Stakeholder Meetings and one to one discussions.

The objectives of the consultation were to find out the views of key stakeholders in relation to the draft EDI Strategty and its identified purpose, priority areas, approach, and monitoring and evaluation of progress.


The outcome

Respondents shared their experiences, feedback and ideas. The organisation received a report outlining the conclusions from the consultation, and a set of recommendations for improvements to the EDI strategy which enabled them to adapt, reprioritise, and respond to the needs of their staff and service users.

The insights from the independent consultation enabled leadership to put in place a robust and thorough strategy for change and developments in EDI and build on the existing activity.


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