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5,4,3,2,1 We are launched!

On Thursday 21 July 2022, Bakare Barley successfully launched our video podcast series ‘The Inclusion Exchange’, with the first episode focusing on “Transforming Workplace Cultures through Positive Action”. The series was set up with the objective of bringing together Equity Diversity and Inclusion experts from various industries and sectors, allowing them to exchange experiences, challenges and trends in a safe space, to ultimately create a better working environment for all.

To officially kickstart the Inclusion Exchange podcast, we were honoured to welcome Natalie Denny, the force behind Skywriters and the Goddess Projects, as host, and Joseph Harker, the Guardian’s Senior Editor for Diversity and Development, and former Editor and Publisher of Black Briton, on board. Joseph also has over 20 years of experience in running the Positive Action Scheme at the Guardian - a scheme which is aimed at supporting aspiring new and diverse journalists to improve representation in the media.

In the episode, Joseph spoke of his professional experiences and challenges, including how he began and established his career in journalism and what that meant in terms of advancing equity and inclusion, as well as whether Black Lives Matter protests led to meaningful change for those from minority backgrounds:

“It’s been the last 20 years, where I've learned about what underpins of institutional racism, but institutional discrimination in general about what keeps out disadvantaged groups.”

Below are a few more of Joseph’s many inspiring words from the discussion on what businesses and employees can action in order to make a positive change and overcome barriers at the workplace, and how we can support one another to improve diversity and inclusion:

“I would urge anyone in any organisation who's in a minority. Come together, share your experiences and take your experiences to the people at the top of your organisation and speak with one voice.”
“The onus is on the leader to make people feel included, not the people who have the least power, who are the newest in an institution to make, to have to do all the work, because they have the least opportunity to make change.”

We would like to thank Natalie Denny, Joseph Harker and all of our attendees for making the launch of our first episode a huge success in continuing these much needed and invaluable discussions.

The first episode is now available to stream for members and attendees. Make sure you are signed up to the Inclusion Exchange community to hear the latest updates and announcements on the next episode: “Creating a Culture of Accountability”, taking place online on Friday 30 September 2022, 12-1PM (BST).

You can become a member of The Inclusion Exchange community by subscribing to our regular newsletters, video podcasts, exclusive EDI resources and event invitations here:

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Sam Lau

Communications and Events Lead at Bakare Barley Ltd

Pronouns: she/her

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