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Black History And Black Futures Video Podcast 19.10.22

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Black History And Black Futures, An Exploration Of An Unequal History And The Struggles That Still Exist- An Insightful Webinar Taking Place On Oct 19, 2022 Addressing Black History In The UK.

The webinar will explore the historical aspects of Black British History, how these are connected to the inequalities Black people face today and how to counter those inequalities to shape the futures of emerging generations

Liverpool, England- Creating Inclusive Workplaces.

With racism often coded as 'normal behaviour', many individuals and organisations in the UK don't know what biases are, how they affect Black people and how to become aware of them. To address some of the issues Black British people face today, it's essential to understand the history of Black people in the country – this our collective history, and we must all strive to understand.

The webinar "Black History and Black Futures, an exploration of an unequal history and the struggles that still exist", taking place on Oct 19, 2022, will discuss the intersection between an unequal history and the lived experiences happening now. It will explore how organisations can learn from a more diverse range of experiences, and has been designed with the hope that it will draw out broader discussions around race, diversity, equality and inclusion in the UK.

Recent research suggests that although the UK will be the most diverse country in the world by 2040 (Migration Observatory at the University of Oxford), many organisations are struggling to keep up with a rapidly changing society.

Diversity at work leads to better corporate decision-making, improved communication, and incremental financial gains. With an eye on progress for people of colour in the UK, the highly sought-after speakers, including Ayo Barley, Natalie Denny and Andrew Lynch, will be highlighting what practical steps organisations can take to 'level up the playing field and become more inclusive workplaces by being informed of both past and present inequalities in many spheres of life.

Through the webinar, the discussion will focus on understanding Black history and contemporary racism in various settings that impact Black people, from the school, and curriculum to job applications, from health outcomes to societal exclusion.

In this webinar, the speakers will also discuss the nature of race and racism in the UK today and examine how this relates to Black History Month. When asked about the scope of the webinar, the key speaker Ayo Barley said,

There will be a talk exploring an unequal history and the struggles that still exist. This webinar explores an unequal history within the UK, the legacies of slavery, empire and colonialism that still exist in terms of institutional racism, from the education system to the criminal justice system, from employment to social services and housing. In this webinar, we will share our learnings and insights to create change by working together to develop our organisations and create a more equitable society.’

About the Speakers

Ayo Barley

Ayo, an EDI Practitioner and founder of Bakare Barley Ltd, provides an independent, evidence-based individual and organisational EDI service to help people achieve their goals and desired outcomes. Her valued input to the development and implementation steps is based on over 18 years of experience in social policy, corporate affairs and project management across various sectors. She is also an Independent Advisor to Citizens Advice on equalities issues and co-founded the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic staff network.

Natalie Denny

A writer, activist, community builder and Director of Skywriter, Natalie is committed to working with and for Black people, women, and girls of all ages to invoke powerful self-directedness, awareness and compassion in them. As an advocate for self-love, ownership and accountability, she leads The Goddess Projects, a space that empowers black women.

Andrew Lynch

Andrew Lynch, a well-known historian, is a member of the Black community in Liverpool, which has existed since the early 18th century. He has been committed to encouraging and facilitating open, honest and inclusive discussion on race equality issues, focusing on result-oriented solutions and practical improvements.

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Location: Liverpool

Country: England

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