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Reaching the unreachable via Linked In

Published on September 11, 2019

Today I attended a great workshop on 'Acing B2B Marketing by The Women's Organisation, the largest developer and deliverer of training and support for women in the UK. Firstly it was a great chance to network with LSTM colleagues that I had never met before, (which led to some interesting business development synergies!) and external organisations such as The Whitechapel Centre, a leading homelessness charity doing some great work across Liverpool.

I approached this course as a refresher to update my knowledge of LI and Twitter, both of which I have been 'active' on for many years, but can't help but feel I could do a better job of utilising them to find like-minded people who share the aim of saving lives in resource poor settings, and may wish to partner with LSTM to achieve this goal. I learned more than I expected, including that 41% of billionaires are on LI, one of many reasons to reach out and see what opportunities there are to meet new professional contacts! Our trainer also made the point that LI is a great way to meet people you wouldn't on a day to day basis, and that the vast majority of people using LI have never sent anyone a message, so the novel appeal alone of receiving a message may be enough to prompt that key person that you've been trying to get an 'in' with to get back to you.

The 3 key things I will take away from the training is that professional social networking is always changing, it enables you to 'reach the unreachable', and by being focused, strategic and fearless in your approach to LI and Twitter you can bring your organisation along leaps and bounds.

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