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UK Disability History Month, Bakare Barley’s next Inclusion Exchange Webinar

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Bakare Barley’s next Inclusion Exchange Webinar Will Take Place On November 30th, 2022, At 12:00 PM GMT.

After an overwhelming response to webinars hosted during National Inclusion Week and Black History Month 2022, Bakare Barley now brings another engaging topic for Disability History Month, about how organisations are narrowing the disability employment gap.

Liverpool, England- Promoting Inclusivity of people with disabilities and long term health conditions in the workplaces.

Bakare Barley is a platform dedicated to assisting organisations in achieving equitable and inclusive workforces. Committed to expanding opportunities for all in the United Kingdom, it runs The Inclusion Exchange, which specifically caters to individuals who are interested in playing their role toward an integrated, balanced society where people are valued based on their unique skills and abilities, rather than being pre-judged based on aspects of their identity. For the month of November, they are bringing a webinar that will discuss how organisations are narrowing the disability employment gap.

The Inclusion Exchange just completed a successful series of webinars planned for National Inclusion Week and Black History Month 2022, where individuals in great numbers registered and joined, actively taking part in the live expert Q&A sessions. Back by popular demand, the webinar topic for November is 'No limits: how organisations are narrowing the disability employment gap'.

Initiatives like Disability History Month are geared towards improving awareness, and play an integral role in breaking down structural barriers, and myths about people with disabilities in the workplace by celebrating the valuable additions people bring based on their skills and abilities. The fourth Inclusion Exchange webinar will discuss some of the employment trends for people with disabilities and long-term health conditions since the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as the challenges and opportunities the changing workforce presents for employers looking to close the employment gap between people with disabilities, and non-disabled people, and improve the well-being of all of their employees.

Hosted by Ayo Barley, MD at Bakare Barley Ltd, the webinar will feature Anoushé Husain, Diversity and Inclusion Practitioner in the Civil Service and Paraclimber as the special guest. Anoushé is the epitome of resilience, strength and ambition. Being born without her right arm below the elbow, living with multiple health conditions, and being a cancer survivor, Anoushé was adamant about not letting anything stop her and went on to live her life on her defined terms, which didn't come easy. Defying the stigmatisation and prejudice attached to her identity as a Muslim woman she never allowed what society or culture expected of her limit or direct her life.

Today, Anoushé has become a role model for anyone struggling with a self-limiting beliefs or barriers, and she is sharing her story to help others realise their full potential. Join her at the webinar where Anoushé will speak in detail about her life.

Alongside Anoushé will be Ayo Barley, the woman behind Bakare Barley and The Inclusion Exchange program. Officially established in 2021, the platform actively creates a space for dedicated individuals committed to building a world free from any form of discrimination. Ayo through Bakare Barley has assisted and collaborated with organisations nationwide in transforming them into workplaces that intentionally seek out unheard voices and the inclusion of all of their staff. She shared:

'My heart is full from an overwhelming response to The Inclusion Exchange. I feel grateful to be among those making the difference and providing a platform for education, allyship, and advocacy. The topic for this month has been kept in accordance with the month's theme. There is no one who can do justice to this webinar the way Anoushé Husain will. Make sure to join us. Mark the date, November 30th, 2022.'

For more details and information, head over to the website Bakare Barley. Register for the Webinar at Webinar Registration.

About Bakare Barley and The Inclusion Exchange Program

Bakare Barley supports organisations in taking trusted and sensitive approaches to improve the experiences and outcomes for their staff, service users, and customers. It has a free Inclusion Exchange community for passionate, committed, and curious people who wish to make improvements and who wish to catalyse progression in advancing equity in their teams. To mark Disability History Month, it will host a webinar, 'The Inclusion Exchange: No limits: how organisations are narrowing the disability employment gap,' on November 30th, 2022, 12=1pm GMT via Zoom.


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