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What a year it has been!

This time last year I was on maternity leave with a four-month-old baby, and toddler – things were looking much brighter as lock down as being released, but my mind was ticking over with a sense of urgency about ‘getting things done’.

I missed the activity I had been involved in at work supporting the equality and diversity agenda, and I was being contacted by people in my network about what they could do to make real change happen for their staff and improve their experiences.

I decided to put my energy into developing and I am trying to take time regularly to reflect on each moment, as the professional life I have imagined is gradually becoming real.

In the last 12 months we have:

· Completed the Women’s Organisation Enterprise Hub Business Start Up Programme

· Completed the MBH Female Leadership Programme

· Registered the company

· Launched a website I can be proud of

· Had a branding shoot

· Published a blog a month on EDI matters

· Completed three client projects focused with 5 star reviews on Google

· Spoken about EDI issues in the sports, STEM and voluntary sector

· Taken on a member of staff

The projects for our clients have been fascinating and given so much satisfaction.

They have ranged from Inclusive Leadership training, to tackling Health Inequalities for families and carers experiencing pre-term birth. I have also had the privilege to host listening sessions for ethnic minority staff and support with an EDI strategy consultation and action planning – all aimed at bringing about visible change to staff based on trust and according to their needs.

With the first year of approaching, I have set myself a target of hosting an event to mark the anniversary.

On 21 July, we are hosting the first Inclusion Exchange Video Podcast which will involve expert EDI speakers and is for people who are passionate, committed, and curious about how to make improvements, and wish to catalyse progression in advancing equity in their teams. There is will discussion, inspiration, personal challenge and Q&A and I can’t wait to share who will be joining us on our first episode.

Time has flown, with developing a SME, working full-time and having a young family, but I haven’t been more fulfilled.

If you are interested in receiving more updates about how the business progresses, and how we could work together, please sign up for free membership of our community here:

Have a wonderful remainder of the bank holiday celebrations!

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