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Inclusion Specialists

Why Choose Us

We pride ourselves in bringing you EDI consultancy services which are flexible, personalised, and based on your needs and budget. 

We will work in partnership with you to strengthen your organisation by improving EDI capability across your leadership and teams.

We are highly experienced EDI Practitioners, with knowledge spanning a range of sectors, and protected characteristics.

We have a strong understanding of EDI legal compliance issues, and can develop an action plan to reduce risk and improve performance in relation to issues such as unlawful discrimination and advancing equality of opportunity.

We help you create visible progress by applying business development strategies to EDI, ensuring our wraparound service is tailored to your unique case for EDI, incorporates the experiences of under-represented groups, and can be tracked and monitored like any other business function.


Our approach

We understand that all organisations have their own unique history and different starting points in relation to their journey towards improving equality, diversity and inclusion.

​Wherever you are on your journey, we can help you to establish the next steps and most beneficial options for your people and customers depending on their unique needs and experiences.


Our personalised, impartial and solutions focused approach offers a full wraparound service to establish the most impactful strategies based on your needs and resources.

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How We Can Help

Our Services

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Top Services

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The Inclusion Exchange Video Podcast is for people who are curious about how to make improvements, and wish to catalyse progress through learning and self-reflection. Read more and sign up free.


Supporting you to build an evidence based and sustainable strategy to advance equality, diversyt and inclusion in your organisation. Read more about strategy development.


Our person centred approach draws on real life case studies and encourages the sharing of stories and experiences by participants. Find out about our training packages.

Want strategies to improve equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI)  ?
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