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Crystal Clear Strategies To Make EDI An Essential Part Of Your Operations!


If you’ve been struggling to introduce EDI into your workplace, with no clue on where you should start, how you should approach your team members, and what initiatives to take first, then you’re exactly where you need to be.


At Bakare Barley, we specialize in simplifying and streamlining EDI integration and implementation, turning it into an actionable set of steps and strategies.

We Help You Become The Forward-Thinking Leader That Leads By Example And Inspires Others.


The key to creating long-lasting growth and initiating change in any environment is to know where you are now compared to where you want to be. By doing so, you can recognize where you have the most room for improvement and invest your resources where you need them most!


Doing so on your own is not an easy feat, as it requires time, effort, and hefty investments that could affect your day-to-day operations, that’s why you need our help, as we can take all that weight off your shoulders.

We Empower People to Make Working Environments More Welcoming, Diverse, And Progressive.


For years, we’ve understood the core concepts that shape a successful EDI integration into any work environment and introduced businesses, decision-makers, and entrepreneurs to tailor-made solutions for their needs.

We’ve come across lots of people based scenarios involving inclusion, helped those with the most challenging circumstances make every employee feel welcomed, accepted, and supported, creating the perfect space for collective and individual growth.

A Step-By-Step Process That Can Save You Time And Money.


  • Diagnosis - Our team of EDI professionals will step into your workplace and run a complete audit based on answers and data from your employees and team members, giving you an accurate look into where your EDI practices currently stand.

  • Strategizing - We develop a clear and structured game plan to assist you in integrating EDI practices and principles into your workplace, and help you gain more information about which practices to amplify and which ones to stray away from.

  • Feedback - After putting our strategy in place, our team will help you ensure that you and your team members are benefiting from the mindset and materialistic changes, allowing you to witness the changes in performance, team health, and more.


  • Develop Better Interpersonal Relationships In The Workplace.

  • Make Room For More Collaborative Teams.


  • Understand The Right Initiatives To Put In Place.


  • Invest Your Resources In The Right Place.


  • Make EDI An Essential Part Of Your Company Culture With The Right Strategy. 

Reach Out To Us Today To Book Your Own EDI Diagnostics And Audit

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