Strategy Development

Supporting you to build an evidence based and sustainable strategy to advance equality, diversity and inclusion in your organisation.

The first step to making effective progress in EDI is to understand your starting point. We support organisations with audits and diversity diagnostics and will help you increase your understanding of your diversity profile by using your people and customer data to establish trends and areas for development. The EDI audit, undertaken by our specialist EDI Practitioner will provide you with the information you need to identify your key priorities and the steps you need to take to develop and transform. The audit will combine qualitative and qualitative research and recommendations and leads to strategy development, shared accountability, and action planning.

This can build your understanding of:

  • Equality compliance

  • EDI data and analysis

  • Gender and Ethnicity Pay Gap

  • Governance and accountability

  • Equality Impact Assessment

  • Reputation and relatability


Jun 16 - Article

Taking the first step to improving your culture of equality, diversity and inclusion can be daunting. It involves fear, frustration, personal emotional investment, resilience, and an element of vulnerability which undoubtedly is one of the reasons for the slow pace of change we see in many organisations.

Case Studies

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Bakare Barley Ltd was commissioned by Nugent to provide constructive feedback on the content of their developing EDI strategy and to undertake a consultation gaining feedback from staff, volunteers members of the public and beneficiaries, and to provide findings and recommendations to the Nugent Trustee Board.

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Bakare Barley Ltd was commissioned by Bliss to explore how the charity could improve its reach and empower all families, parents and carers of babies born premature or sick to be more confident in their roles, better informed about neonatal care, better connected to the people and services they need, & more involved in caring for their baby.