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Creating brave spaces to learn

Create a well-balanced work environment where every employee feels valued, and eliminate any disparities between your team members to increase productivity, innovation, and understanding.


Join Bakare Barley today for best-in-class EDI training programs for visible and sustainable change in your EDI efforts.

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Your Employees Need Your Help… Here’s Why.


In each workplace, employees and decision-makers are all pieces of one big puzzle. In order to get to the big picture, you need to make everyone fit together seamlessly, however, we’re not all cut from the same fabric.


We’re different and have different opinions, mindsets, beliefs, and backgrounds, and to achieve a positive culture in the workplace, employees need to learn strategies to include people from different backgrounds, and to intentionally influence and redistribute power structures to improve equity for all members of the team. 


At Bakare Barley, we facilitate EDI training to help you introduce equality and justice in the workplace, and create inspiring change for the rest of the industry to follow.

We’ll Let The Numbers Speak For Themselves.

  • Organisations with high employee engagement resulting from improved EDI can be up to 21% more profitable than comparable organisations without. 

  • EDI also reduces occurrences of workplace harassment, which is a problem that costs businesses 7.6 million dollars a year. 

  • Diverse teams are 87% better at making decisions. 

  • Ethnic minority employees hold only 1 in 16 top management positions in the UK.

  • Only 52 out of 1,099 of the most powerful jobs are held by ethnic minority individuals. 

  • Every year, Black men with the same job and qualifications as their White peers earn salaries that are £1,500 less. 

We Can Help You Remove Barriers and Disparities


Our industry-leading experts on diversity, inclusion, and equality provide businesses, employees, and decision-makers with training and facilitation programs that can help you establish a balanced, thriving company culture.


With our help, you’ll be able to develop a work environment built on cultural understanding and give marginalised groups the opportunity they deserve, which as a result, will attract talent that aligns with your values and mission.


By joining us, you’ll introduce visible, actionable diversity in your workplace, and create an emotional and cultural support system that results in a better experience for your employees, leaders, staff, and customers.

Why Choose Us?


  • Strategic advice on how to maintain and sustain EDI culture going forward.

  • Visible change makers.

  • Evidence-based methods that we’ve personally used to help other businesses.

  • A successful track record of satisfied, happy clients.

  • Flexible, modular training that can be expanded on demand, and one that allows you to introduce EDI practices business-wide.

Join Forces With Us Today To Create Long-Lasting Change In Your Company’s Culture.


We understand that as a decision maker or business owner, it’s your responsibility to always be on the lookout for other leaders and professionals who “Get it”. We’ve worked with marginalised groups for years, and understand the barriers they face in the business world as well as in their personal, day-to-day lives.


That’s what qualifies us to be problem-solvers and real leaders of change, as we can develop real, long-term strategies to employ sustainable change that goes beyond a few workshops and initiatives, and is deep-rooted in the company’s culture.

Participants will learn short, medium and long terms strategies to improve workplace culture by covering subjects such as:

Foundation Programmes

  • Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging 

  • Recruiting Inclusively and Understanding biases 

Skills Builder Programmes

  • Becoming an Active Bystander 

  • Allyship and Advocacy in the workplace

  • Inclusive Leadership for Managers and Team Leaders

  • Anti-Racism Principles

  • Diversity Dialogues and Lived Experience


Contact us today to learn more about our opportunities for learning and development.

Case Studies


Making an Impact 2022 provided development opportunities for researchers across the University of Liverpool and University of Manchester and involved a rich programme developed around the Making an Impact Framework which includes themes consistent with the topics covered by the Good Business Festival.

Kneeling Protestors_edited.jpg

Bakare Barley was commissioned to develop a programme of listening sessions in response to the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020.

Following an Anti-racism statement and pledge from the CEO, the organisation became committed to the amplification of ethnically diverse voices within the workforce and Bakare Barley designed a series of listening sessions.

Case Studies

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