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Celebrating Women with the Liverpool Commonwealth Association

(right to left: Sasha Kwende, Ayo Barley, Moni Akinsanya)

We were invited to participate in a panel in celebration of International Women’s Day at Crawford House in Toxteth, Liverpool, UK.

We were joined by other panel members including Moni Akinsanya from Liverpool John Moores University and Sasha Kwende from Breaking Down Barriers.

We all shared information about our personal perspectives on the importance of equity, and how, through sponsorship of women, and in particular women of racially minoritised backgrounds, we could create a catalyst for change.

Shazney Spence SoulCoach, the Women’s Forum Lead gave a motivational and inspirational talk about self confidence, empowerment, and the importance of knowing our 'why' when it comes to achieving our goals.

(Shazney Spence, SoulCoach)

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