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Introducing our new Inclusive Notebook Designs

Introducing our new Inclusive Notebook Designs

Liverpool, England- Notes For Inclusion- A Step Towards an Inclusive Society.

Notes for Inclusion by Bakare Barley Ltd, a leader in equality and diversity, is proud to announce the launch of its new line of inclusive notebook designs, now available for purchase. This new collection, was thoughtfully designed by @KLDigitalArt to celebrate diversity and promote inclusivity, reflecting the company’s commitment to creating products that inspire us to think differently about ourselves and others.


Empowering Expression Through Design


The new collection features a variety of notebook designs that cater to different identities, and cultures. Each notebook is thoughtfully crafted to include:


  • Gender-Neutral Designs: A selection of covers that break away from traditional gender norms, offering bold and creative patterns that appeal to everyone.

  • Cultural Celebrations: Notebooks adorned with artwork celebrating various cultures and communities, including colourful patterns, LGBTQ+ themes, and more.

  • Adaptive Features: Spiral-bound notebooks that lay flat for ease of use, and high-contrast pages for individuals with visual sensitivities.

“Our goal at Notes for Inclusion by Bakare Barley has always been to create products that inspire our customers to challenge the status quo”

said Ayo Barley, MD of Bakare Barley Ltd.

“With our new inclusive notebook designs, we hope to not only meet the diverse needs of our customers, but to bring new conversations to homes and workplaces through our designs”. We believe that everyone should be inspired by the featured icons, and should believe that they too can be the change.”


The new inclusive notebook collection is available starting today on Etsy.


About 'Notes For Inclusion' by Bakare Barley Limited

'Notes For Inclusion' is a new socially conscious venture of stationery products by Bakare Barley Limited, a company providing Equity/Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion EDI development services for workplaces. The company actively advocates for equal rights and workplace opportunities based on merit, free from religious, cultural, gender, and racial biases. The inaugural products of the stationery line are the 'Inclusive Leadership Journal,' and the complimentary 'Inclusion Calendar.'

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