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Joyful June... how I am feeling about turning 40

Turning 40 this month feels peculiar, and, to be honest with you…a little bit stressful for some reason!

It’s a significant milestone that marks the beginning of a new decade for me, a fresh chapter in which I hope to realise many more of my changing ambitions and dreams. As I reflect on my life so far and look forward to the experiences ahead, I’m filled with a mixture of emotions and thoughts which you might be able to relate to.

The past four decades have been a rollercoaster of experiences. Each phase of my life has brought its own set of insecurities, learnings, and memories that I will carry with me forever. Interestingly though, I can’t stand rollercoasters anymore, they give me nausea for days, so I am happy to leave a love of rollercoasters in my past!

My twenties were all about discovering who I was and what I wanted from life. From finishing my undergraduate degree, to multiple relocations up and down the country in pursuit of new career challenges and experiences, it was a time of real freedom that I didn’t know I had.

My thirties brought a wide range of personal and professional experiences, mistakes, and then the biggest advancement of all, meeting my husband and starting a family, and then a business while on mat leave! These years have stretched and challenged me and were a real wake up call in many ways. I built confidence in my abilities and a stronger sense of self and purpose. There were highs and lows, yes, but each experience contributed to a foundation of resilience and gratitude which I know has set me up for life.

As I arrive into my 40s this month, I’m so thankful to be here. Although I still have my insecurities and self-doubt at times, I am also feeling a sense of assuredness in most spaces and am willing to make decisions aligned with my values, rather than what other people might think.

This whole year I will be celebrating, whether it be on my annual solo holiday, during family gatherings, or when seeing one of my favourite artists on tour. I am going to make time to be thankful to be here and be 40 and to continue to think about boundaries and wellbeing when it comes to work and life. I have found the last few months some of the most reflective I have had, essentially, for me, it’s a time to appreciate the past, whilst focusing on the life I have now, and look forward to the future which will involve watching my children, and myself continue to grow...

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