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National Inclusion Week 2022–We Are Hosting a Webinar on ‘Creating a Culture of Accountability

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Acceptance, diversity, and inclusion, The Inclusion Exchange Video Podcast by Bakare Barley is hosting a webinar on September 30, 2022, at 12:00 PM via Zoom Webinars.

Bakare Barley is an EDI-Equity, Diversity and Inclusion integrated business development model advising agency that assists organisations in creating a diverse workplace and formulating a strategic plan by analysing the available primary data to achieve an equitable and inclusive workforce. To commemorate the annual National Inclusion Week 2022 Bakare Barley is hosting a Webinar on ‘Creating a Culture of Accountability,’ as a part of their second edition of 'The Inclusion Exchange Video Podcast.'

The Webinar features Mandeep Rupra–Head of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) at Citizens Advice as a chief guest speaker who has been an advocate for EDI based organisations and has been a certified change management practitioner for over two decades. She has expertise consulting transformational leadership and management roles in public and private organisations. Her belief in the importance of centering lived experience and approaching the work with honesty, courage, transparency, and humility is central to her practice. Mandeep works across all EDI areas and approaches her work with a social justice mindset, making her an ideal choice for the Webinar. The host of the day will be Natalie Denny and the webinar will also be opened by Ayo Barley, founder of Bakare Barley. View complete details at Webinar- Creating a Culture of Accountability.

Founded in 2021, Bakare Barley visions a world where everyone has equal opportunities irrespective of gender, race, colour, and ethnicity. It challenges the long-withstanding workplace culture where potential job seekers have to fill out unnecessary information that has no causal relationship with their skills and talent. With change-making, reliability and adaptability at the core, the organisation has helped many to transform into successful EDI Integrated workplaces. It has an Inclusion Exchange Video Podcast to mobilise the most influential actors of community development, the people. Ayo Barley, about the program, shared:

‘The Inclusion Exchange is for people who are passionate, committed, and curious about how to make improvements, and wish to catalyse progression in advancing equity in their teams. We have video podcasts and newsletters as part of the program. We will be commemorating National Inclusion Week from September 26 to October 2 and will have a series of webinars. Join us and be part of the community that believes in Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.’

Ayo Barley actively advocates for the rights of minorities, women, and people of colour. She has been representing the underrepresented for almost two decades. Having an academic background in Social Policy, she clearly understood the need for well-documented policies with effective implementation, evaluation, and monitoring to transform the working environment of all the departments, which include engineering, health, the voluntary sector, higher education, and social care services. Furthermore, she has skills in business development, which has helped organisations improve their financial performance.

The webinar series has been added as a step towards strengthening, expanding, and growing The Inclusion Exchange Video Podcast as it enters its second year. It will exclusively discuss the progressive steps to further promote equity, diversity, and inclusion by empowering the unempowered. It will also discuss the pros of diverse workplaces and how organisations with an EDI approach have succeeded. The need for grass root changes stemming from homes and community, which brings primary importance, will be reinforced to mobilise the community members to be part of the action plan. The program order will also include a live Q&A session in which questions from viewers will be taken.

For more details and information, visit

About Bakare Barley and The Inclusion Exchange Program

Bakare Barley supports organisations in taking trusted and sensitive approaches to improve the experiences and outcomes for their staff, service users, and customers. It has an Inclusion Exchange for passionate, committed, and curious people about how to make improvements and who wish to catalyse progression in advancing equity in their teams. To celebrate National Inclusion Week, Bakare Barley is hosting a webinar on September 30, 2022, at 12:00 PM via Zoom.


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